Premier’s honours
 nominations sought

The premier’s office invites all residents of the Cayman Islands to submit nominations for outstanding citizens in keeping with the terms of the National Honours and Awards Bill, 2010. The awards are designed to recognise distinguished service to the community.

There are three categories of awards: national service; service in the arts, science, literature or other fields; and long-standing civil servants. Honourees will be awarded on Heroes Day, 24 January, 2011.

Deadline for nominations is Friday, 31 December.

“It is especially important to reunite our community and recognise those individuals who have contributed to the development and progress of our Islands,” said Premier McKeeva Bush, explaining the significance of the award.

“A people, a nation, can have too much pride – what we call false pride – but it can have too little, as well, and in so doing, become a discredit and even a danger to itself. It may become slovenly, and slothful, even destructive, without self-worth or ambition.

“The aim of these awards is to stimulate and promote just the opposite; and by so doing, promote the building and strengthening of the nation. These are truly meant to be the people’s awards, so the public is strongly encouraged to put forward suitable nominations.”

Among the highest awards, the Medal of Honour is separated into three categories – Commander, Officer and Member. Requirements for this award include “persons who have rendered eminent services of national importance to the Islands or … have performed an outstanding, brave or humane act to a national of the Islands or other country”.

The Medal of Merit would include “persons who have meritoriously served Cayman for many years in the arts, science, literature or other fields”. This award contains both gold and silver classifications.

All civil servants are eligible, with the exception of “essential services,” in which only persons with 20 or more years of exemplary experience from the police, special constabulary, prison and fire services can be nominated.

Nominations should be submitted in writing and emailed to Patricia Ulett at [email protected], or by mailing to the Office of the Premier, 4th Floor, Government Administration Building, Elgin Avenue, George Town.

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