Off the Peg stayed open

Off the Peg stayed open last Saturday despite sporadic power interruptions due to work by the Caribbean Utilities Company.

CUC had delivered a note to store owner Karen Marshall on Thursday, 2 December, notifying her of the scheduled service interruptions.

On Friday, the CUC offered to lend a generator to the entire Arboretum Plaza, which would allow all the shops to remain open Saturday.

CUC was contacted regarding the generator, but declined to comment.

Ms Marshall said she used the generator on Saturday, and a “very helpful” CUC representative came to the store to follow up.

“I was heartened to see how CUC’s Alan Patino came to our aid,” she said. “Although I appreciate what CUC did, it wasn’t without its problems.

“We opened, and within five minutes of opening, the generators they provided went down,” Ms Marshall said, adding that the electricity went off three more times, including from approximately 1.45-2.20pm.

The phones, credit card machines and cash register were all down for a 
period of time.

“I had people walk out because it was too hot,” she said. “I had people walk out because they didn’t want to leave their credit card numbers, understandably so.”

Although the store was partially open for the day, Off the Peg “fell short” of its sales goals, according to Ms Marshall.

Ms Marshall said she plans to write a letter to the CUC and government outlining the entire episode in hopes of preventing a similar situation for other small businesses.

She asked: “Who is out there to represent small businesses?”

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