Liquor hours extended on New Year’s

New Year’s revellers will have some extra time to buy spirits and celebrate.

Liquor licence holders have been granted extended hours on New Year’s Eve, 31 December, this year.

All seven categories of liquor licensees are permitted to remain open one extra business hour beyond the regular closing time specified on their licences, according to Liquor Licensing Board Chairman Mitchell Welds.

Licence stipulations, however, remain unchanged.

“Liquor sales and playing of music should stop during the last ten minutes of permitted opening hours,” Mr. Welds said. “Also, all customers must vacate the premises before closing time.”

This means that a retail establishment that normally closes at 7pm can stay open until 8pm. And bars like Calico Jack’s on West Bay Road — which normally serves alcohol until 1am, the same time it closes — is allowed to serve until 2am and close around the same time.

All valid liquor licence holders may remain open for one hour longer than their regular closing time.

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