Cayman slam Florida

The Island All Stars domino club have slammed their way to a ton of props over the years. Much of that praise comes from their solid showings in competitions abroad.

The team’s latest claim to fame in the sport is a trip to Fort Lauderdale over the Thanksgiving weekend. Island All Stars nabbed first place in a Florida invitational tournament which featured some four clubs from Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

All of the victories for Island All Stars were impressive. Long-time club player Oletta Elliott was part of the team that made the trek to Ft. Lauderdale and explained what happened.

“Our first match was on a Friday and we beat the Ft. Lauderdale domino team by six points,” Elliot said. “Our next matches were on Saturday against two teams from Ft. Lauderdale and one from Palm Beach. We beat Palm Beach by three points. Next we played in the finals and came out victorious by three points again to claim the first prize trophy.

“This was most exciting for us as we only had a skeleton crew. This was the first time that we have won three matches, including the finals, against those teams as we have faced them in the past.”

News of their Florida triumphs comes during a number of developments on the local scene. Heading into the Christmas break Island All Stars sit second in the local league with five wins. On the other hand the side recently dealt with the sudden passing of Winston Welch, who was involved in a tragic accident outside of the Mango Tree (one of the venues for dominos on-island). Elliot states Welch’s passing inspired the side to victory.

“It was a very humbling experience as we had recently lost a colleague and friend in a fatal accident, namely Winston Welch. A good domino player in his own right, Mr. Welch had already purchased his airline ticket to travel with us and was slated to renew his partnership with club President Derrick Elliott.

“At this point we can find some solace knowing that we had won those games in honour of our fallen soldier.”

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