Home for elderly well under way

Construction on the new Pines Retirement Home building in George Town has finished Phase 1 of work.

The outer shell, roof and windows have been completed, and the building is walk-through ready, with plans to begin phase two of construction early next year.

The Pines used workers from Cayman construction company Arch and Godfrey for building the new site.

The new three-story building is on the same grounds as the old building that used to house residents, but that’s where the similarities end.

“The new building will accommodate 52 residents, rather than the 30 we have now,” said Pines manager Sue Nicholson. “And (the new building) is a purpose-built building. Right now we’re more of a nursing home.”

The current building wasn’t constructed with people with disabilities in mind, whereas the new building will house bath tubs that tilt for easier access and doorways that allow wheelchair access.

Ms Nicholson and the team at the Pines are looking ahead at the growing number of elderly residents that will need care at their facility.

“Hurricane Ivan made us realise that we have to do a new building,” Ms Nicholson said. “So, we decided to go for this.”

The cost of the new facility is estimated at $6.9 million. More than $3 million has been raised for Phase 1, including the construction of the Day Room, which is already in use. Continued Phase 1 construction of the new building is well under way with the damaged section of the old building demolished, the site cleared and the erection of the shell, roof and making the building water tight due to be completed this month. Funds are needed to move onto Phase 2 for completion and interior fit out and fundraising efforts are ongoing.

The Pines Retirement Home is a private, non-profit organisation that depends on fundraising and donations.

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