Little mans millions 
an appeal for money

The appeal is to raise $1 million to help complete and equip the new building for The Pines Retirement Home.

This appeal is an opportunity for ‘the little man’ to contribute. All donations can be anonymous.

All you have to do is email at [email protected], phone 949-5650 and give a pledge to The Pines, indicating that within one year you will contribute or raise X amount of funds.

This sum should be paid into account number 011-11202 at Cayman National Bank, referenced ‘Little Mans Appeal’.

Press releases will be issued from time to time to announce total pledges and total receipts.

This is everyone’s opportunity to help the elderly be taken care of with love and dignity.

An adult population of +- 40,000 (est. 2009) should be able to raise $1 million.

If everyone spreads the word on their Facebook page, we should be able to raise $1 million by December 2011.

Can you help?

For any further information, contact 949-5650.

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