Royal Wedding souvenir guidelines

to get your hands on a royal wedding T-shirt or tea towel with Prince William’s
official coat of arms? You may be disappointed.

the exception of carpets, cushions, wall hangings and head scarves, Royal Devices
MAY NOT be used on textiles (which includes articles of clothing, including
T-shirts, drying up cloths and aprons,” read the guidelines, posted on the British Monarchy website.

have no fear; royal wedding commemoration mugs, thimbles, plates and coins can
still bear the official symbol.

guidelines don’t ban anything from being made,” said a spokesperson from
Clarence House, the official residence of Prince William.

place restrictions on the coat of arms, and the couple is content for any
images to be used in any way so long as the images fall within the bounds of
taste and decency.”

on the use of the coat of arms and other symbols of the monarchy are common and
issued for many royal events, including the queen’s upcoming diamond jubilee.
That said, wedding memorabilia cannot be produced indefinitely, as the
guidelines state that “souvenirs of the Marriage of Prince William and Miss
Catherine Middleton may not be manufactured after 1 October, 2011.”

hours of the engagement announcement, memorabilia sporting the young couple’s
image popped up around Britain and on the Web.

Asda supermarket chain was said to be the first to sell engagement mugs, and
royal wedding china from the historic British china manufacturers Aynsley
and Royal Crown Derby is now for sale.

the Royal Mint is already taking orders for the official
engagement coins,
although the final design is still awaiting approval. Meanwhile, the official engagement portrait has yet to be unveiled.

has dozens of listings for royal wedding and engagement souvenirs, including
postcards, Christmas ornaments, thimbles, and salt and pepper shakers.

those hoping to make a quick buck may be disappointed: It can take years for
royal souvenirs to appreciate in value, as evidenced by the eBay listings,
where most items are currently selling for under $10.

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