Readying the troops

The recent Cayman Islands Marathon
did a great job of promoting local basketball. Now the sport is sorting out the
roster for its national men’s team.

Open registration for the squad
takes place this Saturday 18 December at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.
National mens coach Daniel Augustine will be among the coaches on-hand for
attendees 8am-1pm. The deadline to register is 21 January, 2011 and
applications can be submitted to the Department of Sports located at Truman

Augustine states he is expecting a
large amount of players on Saturday.

“In the men’s league we have close
to 200 players,” Augustine said. “I don’t expect 200 people to show up but I
want as many guys as possible to come out. My limit is 60 players and those
would be guys who can commit to the team. The reason for that number is due to
the available facilities. We’re basically working with one venue and two
baskets for these tryouts. From the 60 people chosen I’ll narrow it down to 15
players. Most likely I’ll be playing different guys for the different

Saturday’s session is the start of
a short selection process. The try-out period is slated to start before
Christmas and extend until the end of next month. A meeting to announce the
team is slated to take place 7-8pm on 25 January, 2011 at the VIP lounge
located at Truman Bodden. All the players who register will be required to
attend. Training for the Island Games and the Caribbean Basketball
Confederation Senior Championships will begin 31 January.

News of the try-outs comes after
the Cayman Islands Basketball Association entered a four-man relay team in the
Cayman marathon this month. The team raised $1,200 toward funding the team’s
participation in next year’s competitions.

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