Tips to deal with Child’s wetting

When you’ve been woken up night
after night to find your child has wet their bed again, it’s easy to lose
patience. Toilet training kids is one of the most tiring jobs of being a mum or
dad – it’s not much fun for anyone involved. But don’t get mad – being angry
with your child can only make the problem worse.

First, reassure your child.
“Mostly, this settles by itself given time. But if it persists, look at what
they eat and drink. Don’t give them any liquids after six, especially not fizzy
drinks, but do make sure they are drinking enough during the day,” says Dr.
Gareth Rankin of Ireland.

Try carrying the child to the
toilet at night, even when they are half- or fully asleep, and encouraging them
to pee. Get a reward chart going, and give them a sticker – and lots of praise
– at breakfast if they are dry.

If all else fails, then Dr. Rankin
suggests you talk to your doctor about desmopressin, a drug that tricks the
brain into slowing down the production of urine.

Apart from cures, don’t forget
about causes, says Sammy Margo, author of the Good She says: “If your child is
usually dry and then wets the bed, it may be because of stress. Making a big
thing of the damp bed will magnify the problem, not solve it.”

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