Grading went well

C.A.S.K. Karate held its annual black belt examinations at its headquarters in Hombu at the King’s Sports Centre.

At the head table last Thursday was Sensei Jimi Crooks, Nidan Jane Van Der Bol, Shodan Paul Lawrence and honoured guest Dr. S. de Alevis Seneviratue who is a senior special advisor to C.A.S.K. Karate and was pleased with the way the black belt examination was conducted.

Sensei Greg Reid was on the floor conducting the technical exam, while Crooks did the official paperwork. Promoted to first degree black belt was Keith Millar (Scotland), Matthew Whittaker (Cayman) and Tani Reis (Brazil). Pedro Reis (Portugal) passed his second degree black belt. Also on the floor were several brown belts doing mock exams.

Crooks said: “It was excellent exam, with a high level of technical karate.” C.A.S.K. Karate congratulated all participants and their families on a successful graduation. Reid is very proud of the fact that they now have eight black belts training at the school.

C.A.S.K. offers Youth (4-12 years), coed adult and women’s karate classes. New for the 2011 we will be offering a Dai Chi (Tai Chi) class, in the original Japanese version.

For further information call 925-3367.

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