Just Leaving left rivals behind

The inaugural Harbour House Marina ‘Round to Beach’ race was held on Saturday 4 December and 17 boats took part in a fantastic race in the North Sound with the race finish and party at Kaibo.

Line honours went to the J22 Just Leaving but the first cruiser across the line and winner of the trophy as well as a free haul, pressure wash and launch at Harbour House Marina was Yahoo Yahoo – so good it was named twice – owned by 
Clive Bodden.

In second place was War Canoe winning a Garmin GPSMAP 78 and in third was Blue Runner winning a spot locator. There was plenty of wind and action as Pie Sees III and Yare collided at the start and Brando was dismasted. Luckily everyone survived!

The event was a great success and the Cayman Islands Sailing Club and Harbour House Marina intend to partner up and hold more cruiser races in the near future.

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