Letters to the Editor: Free press being targeted

I cannot believe that members of our government are now targeting Cayman Free Press on its reporting to the public.

Only in the world where you have dictators you have leaders of the country stamping down on the press.

Now I write in defence of the Cayman Free Press and the paper reporting that they do and I must say they do a pretty good job.

If members of our government cannot take what people write or say about them, they need to resign from office.

In a world of fee people, sometimes we may not like what people say, but that is a part of life.

What about when government members do something while in office we may not all like. We don’t try to sue them or harm them. I, for example, can say a lot about what is done to you for I spent 13 months in the Cayman prison for something I did not do. Thanks to God I was cleared of any wrongdoing, but I did not try to harm anyone for doing this to me.

Government is trying to harm the reporter and the free press. This cannot be allowed to happen. The people must stand up with the reporter and the press.

I know that many members of the Cayman Government do not like the letters that I write, but instead of not liking them, maybe they should take time to read and understand them; like the one I wrote a while back asking for the rainy day money that government should have in place for its people.

I noticed England has looked at this.

Now, people of the Cayman Islands, if we have the free press targeted and sued, what will members of Government try to do with the public?

Maybe the government can instead of trying to harm the people can find money to pay me for wrongful imprisonment and leave the Cayman Free Press to do what it does best and that is to bring to the Caymanian public the truth and the facts of what is really going on in Cayman without taking sides so members of government of the Cayman Islands lay off our free press.

And remember freedom of the people of the Cayman people and freedom of the press always.

Emile S. Levy


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