Give the gift of blood this year

Christmas is the time for giving and what better gift to give this festive season than a blood donation to Cayman’s Blood Bank?

Judith Clarke, a medical technologist at the blood bank at the Cayman Islands Hospital, said the bank is always looking for donations but tries to keep extra stocks on hand over the Christmas and New Year season.

“We’re always in need of blood, but during the holiday season, some people drink and go crazy and get in accidents, so we usually try to top up [on blood stocks]. We try to get more units in than the average amounts,” Ms Clarke said.

She said that in addition to donations from individuals, staff at a number of companies in Cayman have already come forward to pledge blood donations, including RE/MAX Cayman Islands, Bernard Passman and the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

The blood bank puts on additional manpower and stays open longer each work day to accept blood from donors in the run-up to Christmas.

The blood bank will close at 6.30pm so that people may donate after work hours.

While the blood bank is usually closed at weekends, Ms Clarke said if an urgent need for blood arises, as a result of an accident, for example, then it would open.

To encourage people to give blood, Ms Clarke and colleagues visit companies that invite them to inform their staff about the need for blood donations.

All types of blood are welcome, but especially O positive and O negative blood.

To make an appointment to give blood or to get more information about the blood bank, contact Ms Clarke on 244-2674.

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