Tennis pros serve youth

Local youth recently got a chance to swing their rackets often thanks to the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

Residing pros at the club hosted school tennis clinics during the day last week and proceeded to hold a mini-tournament on Saturday. The purpose of the events was to further attract youth to the sport.

A host of kids came out to Red Bay primary for one of the sessions. Leading them was club manager Rob Seward and South African players Dale Avery. The trio taught the youngsters basics of the sport from proper stance, hitting technique and footwork.

Avery states that the activities were all geared towards to increasing tennis’ popularity in Cayman.

“What we were doing today was part of the club’s task of introducing tennis to schools on behalf of the Tennis Federation,” Avery said. ”The Red Bay sessions was the third session at the school this year and this week will be our third session at Savannah Primary, the other school where we provide tennis instruction.

“The main goal is to introduce tennis to children who would otherwise not be exposed to it. At both schools we erect mini tennis courts on netball or basketball courts. We also supply rackets and balls for each child. The response has been fantastic and the children really enjoy the sessions. Tennis is a sport for life and is one of the most widely played sports in the world and it is our goal to give as many kids as possible the chance to play it.”

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