Editorial for December 17: A mountain out of a molehill

Since we announced earlier this week that Caymanian Compass journalists would not attend Legislative Assembly under the current circumstances, we’ve received numerous pleas from the public to not abandon coverage of the Legislative Assembly. People said the Compass provided an vital service in reporting on the happenings in the House.

We wholeheartedly agree.

We would like everyone to know that we never said we would stop covering Legislative Assembly proceedings; only that our journalists wouldn’t attend the House under the current circumstances. But we can still report on the proceedings in the House by listening to the Radio Cayman replays of the proceedings.

The story that upset the speaker and MLAs so much appeared on the newsstands Tuesday night, 7 December. When we write stories or editorials that sincerely upset people, we usually hear about it either that very night or first thing the next morning. In the case of our front page story and editorial last week, we didn’t hear a word. Indeed, no one seemed very upset at all.

The first we knew that the story caused anyone any problems was when Speaker Mary Lawrence read her statement Thursday morning. Instead of picking up the telephone to call the publisher or editor of the Caymanian Compass to discuss the issue, Mrs. Lawrence kept her indignation silent all of Wednesday and instead chose to express her displeasure with a bombastic, highly public display. MLA Ezzard Miller soon followed – we can only wonder if the speaker knew what was coming – with a motion to criminally prosecute the Caymanian Compass and our reporter for their supposedly egregious errors.

We simply cannot subject our reporters to these kinds of humiliating intimidation tactics so we’ll report from elsewhere now.

It’s too bad; this mountain out of a molehill could have probably been avoided with a simple telephone call.


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