Online poll: Most spending less on holiday

Almost two-thirds of the 385 respondents to last week’s online poll say the will spend less on Christmas gifts and celebrations this year compared to previous years.

The largest segment of respondents – 173 people or 44.9 per cent – said they would be spending a lot less this year.

“I am broke,” said one person.

“The prices are too high,” said another respondent.

“I have no job,” said someone else.

“This has been a very bad year and it will be the most toned-down Christmas since I divorced my ex-wife,” said one person.

“I’ve been making a lot of gifts this year,” said someone else. “My loved ones know that we don’t need to spend money on each other to show our love.”

Another 75 people – 19.6 per cent – said they would spend a little less compared to other years, while 101 people – 26.2 per cent – said they would spend about the same on Christmas this year.

“Putting aside funds throughout the year helps to create your Christmas budget,” said one year. “Then you can look for good bargains, sales and services to make the quality of your gifts so much better than quantities of little items.”

Twenty-two people – 5.7 per cent – said they would spend a little more this year.

“I feel the need to give back even more this year,” said one person.

Only 14 people – 3.6 per cent – said they would spend much more this year for Christmas gifts and celebrations compared to previous years. None of those people made any comments about their answer to the poll question.

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