Eduardo always around 3 hours

Tennis coach Eduardo Torres must be one of the most consistent runners on the Cayman Marathon circuit. He always finishes in the top five and runs the 26.1 mile course in just over three hours having run the first leg much faster than the first. It was the same again last week. He finished third behind winner Steve Speirs – who finished in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 18 seconds and Mark Hogan (2:59:23) having started really fast and even lead for some of the way.

Experienced marathon runners always try to pace themselves to run both halves evenly. Not Eduardo. He blazes out from the start, flags by half way and trundles in at the end. He finished this one in 3:04:14.

Nevertheless, he was happy with his run. “Yes, I was very pleased with my performance because I didn’t have a chance to train as much as I would have liked I had some issues with my calf,” he said.

“I managed to stay well hydrated throughout the race. Unfortunately, I did get some cramps in my hamstrings abut 150 metres before the finish line and that cost me a few minutes.”

He enjoyed this one far more than previously. “The weather was much better this year with the cooler weather, last year was a disaster for a lot of runners because of the high humidity.

“I found the marathon was well organised and the water stations were great but there are some long stretches without much excitement. It would be great to have more people cheering along the way.”

In tennis, he is training for the Cayman Open in January and hopes to do a few other tournaments as well before the next Island Games this summer. He is also interested in doing more marathons.

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