Pirates donate wheelchair

Pirates may have a reputation for plundering and pillaging, but a group of visiting pirates were in a giving mood when they donated a wheelchair to the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens.

The Seattle Seafair Pirates, who visited Cayman during Pirates Week took a break from sword swinging and shouting “Ahoy, me hearty!” to present a gift of the wheelchair to the club in response to a request from a 
ancer patient.

Throughout the years, the pirates group has worked closely with the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and other charitable organisation in Cayman.

Mark Jensen, the Seattle Seafair Pirates’ director of public relations said the pirate group’s mission statement is “Individually we all can make a difference, but together we can make an impact,” and the wheelchair donation was the pirates’ small way of making such an impact.

He said the Seattle Seafair Pirates would bring at least one wheelchair with them to Cayman each year when they come back for Pirates Week to give as a donation.

Lion President Wendy Wiltshire commended the Pirates on their altruistic spirit.

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