Roll out the barrels (auction)

An intriguing art auction takes place this week.

Art of the Barrel is a competition which Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery and Tortuga Wine and Spirits have designed as an annual event, said Nickola McCoy-Snell of the gallery.

“We pride ourselves on always supporting our community and with this competition, have found a way to not only keep Cayman a little greener and add new life to a discarded vessel, but to also showcase the extraordinarily talented artists found in Cayman,” she said.

Artists involved in this year’s Art of The Barrel are Kenneth Figueria (a group effort from the Mental Health Unit), Jennifer Billy, Gordon Solomon, Scott Swing, Matthew Ebanks, Mark Ebanks, Elena Ow, and Mercedes Reye of the Sunrise Caring Association, Michael McLaughlin, Carla McDowell, Aston Ebanks, and Mary Forney.

Talented spell

The barrels have been decorated, deconstructed, re-envisioned and revamped under the talented hands of the artists and are situated throughout the island, including the Arteccentrix gallery in Governor’s Square, Tortuga in Governor’s Square, Tortuga Greenery and Tortuga Marquee Plaza. You can vote for the People’s Choice Award on

Subsequently, Arteccentrix will host the people’s choice winners for a month’s worth of exhibitions in 2011.

The barrels will be auctioned on Tuesday, 21 December at The Brasserie and the money raised will go to charities that have been selected by the artists.

The charities that will benefit this year are Cayman Mental Health Daycare, Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation, NCVO, Cayman Hospice, Sunrise Caring Centre, Humane Society and the Cancer Society.

“As this is the first year, we are proud to say that we feel it has been moving along nicely. We would like thank the Compass and the Brasserie for coming on board to make this charity event a success.

“Our hopes are that the Art of the Barrel competition will become a yearly celebration of our local artists, our commitment to charitable organisations and the beautification of our beloved Cayman Islands,” said Ms McCoy-Snell.

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