They sizzled in Ice Marathon

Intrepid ultra-distance runners Tristan Miller and Ken Krys completed the Ice Marathon in Antarctica on Wednesday in another example of great endurance running.

It was Miller’s 51st marathon this year in his quest to run 52 in 52 weeks for charity. He only has the Melbourne Marathon in his home city in Australia on 27 December now to complete an amazing year, in his Run Like Crazy campaign to raise funds for Facing Africa and UNICEF. Miller ran the Cayman Marathon last week. Krys did the half marathon. His company, Krys & Associates, are Miller’s main sponsors.

Krys finished the Antarctic Marathon in 17th place in a time of 5 hours 53 minutes 14 seconds. There was a blizzard due on Thursday which put the 100km race in jeopardy. In addition Krys had breathing problems after 15 miles. Miller came fifth in the Ice Marathon in 4:59:08 but dropped out of the 100km.

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