Tourism council’s new sector heads

The Tourism Advisory Council has named those individuals responsible for each industry sector it represents.

Chair Karie Bergstrom is responsible for human capital including education, training and employment as well as participating across all other sectors. Bud Johnson of Atlantis Submarines will represent the watersports sector, Dan Szydlowski (Westin) is in charge of accommodations, and Denny Ebanks of the Tourism Attractions Board represents attractions and amenities including retail.

George Walton of the Sister Islands Tourism Association has responsibility for conferences, events and festivals, Robert Hamaty is the cruise contact, Markus Mueri the representative of food, beverage and entertainment and Tom McCallum will speak to transportation, both ground and aviation.

Mrs. Bergstrom said the advisory council is now finalising the details behind the body’s communication plan. The sector representatives are setting up meetings to gain feedback from all sectors on challenges facing the industry. .

Also ongoing are short-term, medium and long-term planning. A tourism vision and development plan, which is in progress, includes ideveloping a brand identity. This is scheduled to be launched early in 2011.

Increasing visitor arrivals are also a short-term priority, to reach the council’s target figure of 300,000 air arrivals for 2010. The introduction of the Westjet flight to Toronto and the linking of Cayman Airways schedules with Virgin Airways connections to Europe are expected to help.


From left, Dan Szydlowski,Denny Ebanks,Markus Mueri, Tom McCallum, Karie Bergstrom, Robert Hamaty and George Walton. Not pictured, Bud Johnson.
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  1. Honestly, I am not getting a very Caymanian vibe from this selection of individuals.

    I am not being critical for the mere sake of criticism, but I am a born and bred Caymanian – I do not feel connected to this group.

    Does that not say something about our tourism product today?

    Cayman is not adequately included or represented any more.

    (Just my 2 cents.)

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