Kelly’s slam Brackers again

Kelly’s domino club had a good year
in local dominoes. The side held its own in the Cayman Islands national domino
league and did well in a number of competitions outside of Grand Cayman.

One of the last mini-tournaments
that saw the West Bay squad slam well was in Cayman Brac. The side took on a
Cayman Brac select team in late November. As always the club played at Coral
Isle and their matches saw a number of onlookers giving their support for both
the West Bayers and the Brackers.

The supporters for both teams
chanted loudly, trying to outdo the other. However there could be only one
winner as Kelly’s prevailed by 34 points. The side intends to visit the Sister
Islands again in 2011 for more exhibition matches and community events.

In fact prior to leaving the Brac
on this occasion, Kelly’s took part in a number of activities. In keeping with
the club motto of “working in unity in every community” the team provided
community service by cleaning up the yard of a senior citizen. The side’s visit
coincided with the island’s heritage day and to honour the occasion the team
joined the Pirates Week float parade. On its float the team provided music by
team member Edrick Vernon (popularly known as DJ Fross) and offered handouts
relating to the club.

Vernon stated that Kelly’s could
not have accomplished its goal on the trip without the generous support of
their sponsors.

“All of us with Kelly’s domino club
would like to thank the sponsors who helped us bring so many positives to the
Brac,” Vernon said. “We thank Progressive Distributors for their donation of
shirts for the clean-up crew, Cayman Airways, the Pirates Week committee, Linda
Young and McLee’s Trucking for helping us be part of the float parade, Digicel,
Heineken, Jacques Scott and Kelly’s Rainbow bar who have all supported us from
the beginning.”

News of the Cayman Brac trip comes
after a successful end to round one of the 2010 local league. This month
Kelly’s defeated Merengue Town by a lot and Archie’s by two points (in the last
match) to place in the top five heading into Christmas.

For more information about Kelly’s
domino club contact Edrick Vernon at 928-6900 or 949-1509.

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