No prosecution of Compass, reporter

will be no prosecution of the Caymanian Compass or its reporter Brent Fuller
arising out of an article and editorial that appeared in the newspaper on 8

article, which concerned a Legislative Assembly subcommittee that is reviewing
the Freedom of Information Law in meetings not held in the public, along with a
newspaper editorial, caused Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence to suspend Mr.
Fuller from the attending the Legislative Assembly and call for his
apology.  North Side legislator Ezzard Miller then brought a motion that
not only asked for the immediate revocation of his Legislative Assembly press
pass, but also recommended his criminal prosecution for contravening sections
18 and 19 of the Legislative Assembly (Immunities, Powers and Privileges) Law.

General Sam Bulgin issued a statement Monday morning saying he had taken some
time to consider his decision on the matter “given its seriousness and obvious
public interest”.

the circumstances, the decision is that there will be no criminal proceedings
instituted against Mr. Brent Fuller and/or the Caymanian Compass,” Mr. Bulgin


  1. Bit of a no brainer for Sam Bulgin considering no offence was ever committed however much the delicate souls of the Legislative Assembly might think otherwise. Congratulations to the Compass for standing up to those who would thwart freedom of information – so, what do they have to hide, one wonders?

  2. Will Mr Miller accept this decision graciously I wonder, or will we be treated to another toys-out-of-the-pram display?

    And has Speaker Lawrence reconsidered her startlingly undemocratic comments on the privilege of reporting on the LA? Has Mr Fullers press pass been re-instated?

    Editor’s note: We cannot answer the reader’s questions regarding the Speaker of the House.

    Mr. Miller is quoted in an on-line publication as having said; "“I have asked the authorities to prosecute plenty of people that I believe have broken the law before and they usually don’t do it so there is nothing different here. I believed the law had been broken. I did what the process allows me to do, that’s all I can do.”

  3. There was never a snowballs chance in hell that either Alden McLaughlin or Ezzard Miller was going to get a positive decision from the Attorney General, Sam Bulgin.

    Bulgin is not stupid; he well knows the implications and danger of giving either of these two legislators what they asked for…

    And what the probable consequences would have been.

    People need to hold these legislators responsible for wasting the publics time and money with this frivolous grandstanding.

    Dubai, you need to start your own political party, boss; you wont achieve any results here on this forum.

    Who knows, you might pick up a few votes in the next election; using this forum as a political platform is getting you no joy so far.

    All bless for the Xmas season.

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