Dream job at Cayman brewery

Ever dreamed of being paid to taste beer? Then the Cayman Islands Brewery might have just the job opening you have been waiting for.

Already the local beer of the Cayman Islands, Caybrew, Caylight and Ironshore Bock could soon become even more local with the appointment of a Caymanian trainee assistant brew master.

The company currently has two assistant brew masters working alongside brew master Andreas Moerl.

However, with the expansion of the company, this is seen as the perfect time to bring in a trainee. Rather than look overseas for someone who is already qualified for the position, the company has decided to look for a Caymanian who can be trained to become an assistant brew master.

“It makes sense if we start including exports into the mix, the volume is going to get bigger and we’re going to need more people to cope with that, so it’s the right time now to start the search for someone,” said James Mansfield, commercial manager at the Cayman Islands Brewery.

According to Mr. Mansfield, the appointment is part of the company’s wider philosophy to do succession training, as well as employ Caymanian staff where feasible.

Of course, the job is about more than just a love of beer.

“The type of individual we are looking for is someone who was interested in sciences when they were at school, obviously has a love for beer and needs to understand that this is a manufacturing plant, so this is not a nine to five job; we’re all very flexible here,” said Mr. Mansfield.

Due to the nature of the fermentation process, the brewing cannot be stopped once it has started.

“When you start brewing, it’s not something that you can just turn the lights out and go home and pick it up the next day,” said Mr. Mansfield.

“To ensure consistent quality you have got to be on your A-game all the time.”

The training will involve a lot of on-site training alongside the brew master, who was trained in Germany, and the two assistant brew masters, who gained their experience on site and with some overseas training, primarily in Milwaukee.

Even though the job promises to involve hard work and long hours, Mr. Mansfield said the sense of achievement linked to it is great, even more so now that the company won first place in the recent Caribbean Alcoholic Beverages awards.

“The pride that any of the brewers feel, especially now that we’ve won this award, is immense.”

As for the job prospects for the trainee, Mr. Mansfield said the sky is the limit.

“We’re one of the only manufacturing companies on the Island, so if you think about the scope of your career within the brewery, we’re not going to go away, it’s a long term job.

We think this is something that can bring a nice dynamic to the Cayman Islands Brewery by having a trainee assistant brewer who can go on further to become a brew master,” 
he said.


  1. What great news, this is an opportunity for a talented and hard working young Caymanian to show what they are made of and make us all proud. Hopefully the success of this will inspire more companies to follow in their footsteps. I certainly hope the right person steps up to the plate and grasps this unique opportunity. Im sure we would all like to follow this story, so I implore to the Compass staff that they follow this story closely as it can prove to be very inspirational and show young Caymanians that hard work and dedication really pays off. We all need to hear these positive stories, it would be great if news services put a big focus on finding more stories like this to report on so we all know that there are a lot of good things happening.

    Thanks Compass..

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