Parcel pick-up requires ID

The Cayman Islands Postal service is reminding customers to take along a valid form of photo identification when collecting parcels, registered mail, EMS and mail from general delivery.

Customers who are unable to collect their mail personally may authorise someone to collect it on their behalf. This is done by providing the postal service with a letter that authorises a particular person to collect mail, along with a photocopy of an ID that shows the addressee’s signature.

In addition, when collecting parcel post on behalf of a child up to 17 years old, the parent or guardian needs to bring the child’s passport or a birth certification to prove the relationship and that the addressee is a minor.

Customers should also note that the Cayman Islands Postal Service receives a large number of parcels over the Christmas season and should therefore clear their parcels and post boxes regularly. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of HM Customs to calculate and assess all duties payable on package contents deemed dutiable.

Under Postal Regulations, parcels are returned to the sender after 30 days if they have not been collected.

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