Diver has heart attack under water, is rescued

A diver who had a suspected heart attack while taking scuba lessons was rescued by staff.

The 66-year old American, who declined to be named, had been performing a dive skill under water with Divers Down when Jenny Smetters of the company realised that he was having difficulty breathing. She brought the distressed diver to the surface with the assistance of Matt Nordin, also an instructor on the boat.

CPR was immediately administered by Jenny and fellow dive instructor Emily Petley Jones as the diver had stopped breathing and his pulse could not be detected.

They were able to revive him, and he was then able to breathe unaided for the short journey back to the South Sound Dock.

Emergency medics on the scene were able to stabilise the diver and transport him to George Town Hospital, where an hour later he was chatting and making jokes with 
the nurses.

Divers Down owner-operator Steve Surrey expressed his delight at the swift response and happy outcome.

“This is a wonderful story and a remarkable outcome to what could easily have been an unfortunate diving incident. I am very proud of all the staff involved, especially Jenny and Emily. It was a textbook rescue and a real team effort which resulted in the saving of another person’s life”.


Jenny Smetters, Matt Nordin and Emily Petley Jones.
Photo: Submitted

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