Bona Fide’s holiday gift to fans: A song

Christmas in Cayman exclusive

A gift from local band Bona Fide: They have written a special song for the fans who’ve supported them during 2010.

“People will need to sign up at our website to be a fan and join our mailing list, as it is a fan exclusive. It is a Christmas song called Christmas in Cayman and is a twist on Winter Wonderland. It is about walking on the beach, lying in a hammock and enjoying Christmas breeze, i.e., the things we sometimes take for granted,” said Isadora Ferrao-Powell, vocalist with the group.

The hard-working band is a familiar feature of live schedules in the Cayman Islands, with a repertoire that ranges from classic soul to pop, jazz, country and everything in between. The Zimbabwe-born vocalist’s rapport with an audience and with her Caymanian bandmates marks the group out as one to watch in Cayman. This time of year, she said, is very special. At 7.30pm 24 December (tonight) they are set to play at the Brick House.

“Christmas is a time to share, care and spend good times with friends and family, and Bona Fide especially wants to share this spirit,” she added, noting that the group played a Christmas singalong last week.

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