Christmas future… (not!)

The Christmas season is time to dress up and be merry, and for attendees of the Grand Cayman Marriott Christmas party that meant looking to the skies for inspiration this year.

The science-fiction theme meant that there were people serving drinks while dressed as characters from Star Trek – a perfectly logical costume, Captain. With a plethora of funky aliens, Day-Glo costumes, sharp cheekbones and out-of-this-world makeup jobs, the event was one of the most colourful yet.

At one stage, a storm trooper from Star Wars was found offering up some of the most extraordinary extraterrestrial dance moves, wowing Betty Boop

, who was busy Doin’ the Do and grooving down to the intergalactic sounds provided by a live band featuring a DJ, keyboards and Afro-Caribbean drummers.

Dance duo

A professional dance duo got things really slamming on the dance

floor with a brilliantly devised set, which launched rockets of hip-swinging fabulousness through the annual shindig.

The Marriott’s parties annually present an opportunity for people to get up, get down and get funky, and this year’s interstellar beano was no exception. One reveller even dressed as a space rocket – and while there were a few Unidentified Dancing Objects on show, the mood was never star-struck. By the end of the evening there were more than a few conversations going on about whether Father Christmas, with his curious flying object and supernatural reindeer capable of breathing in space, was, in fact, an alien himself.

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