DVJ: Cayman globetrotter

There’s not much more exciting than a slammed dance floor, but imagine if the crowds are going crazy to the music you’re pushing out.

That’s the reality for DVJ Carter, a Cayman video jockey whose antics at Jet Nightclub have led to a significant booking in Roatan over the holidays.

“I’m the only DJ in Cayman who actually mixes music videos and from photos and videos of my events. I was contacted by a nightclub in La Ceiba. I did an event called Invasion there in November, and the owner of a club in Roatan was there. He booked me for 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January,” said the Digital Video DJ.

High-end operation

The Roatan club, according to the performer, is a very high-end operation with a capacity approaching 1,200, in contrast to the clubs of Cayman, which hold around 300 on average.

“When I played in La Ceiba the first time, there were 1,500 people there, which was a big experience for me. The crowd had a lot of energy which gave me more energy and that’s the main thing about being a DJ. If they’re not enjoying themselves, you can’t enjoy yourself. They gave me an intense energy – the volume of people makes a difference.”

Future bookings include San Jose in Costa Rica, with talks already under way for other Caribbean and United States appearances in 2011. The DVJ, a commercial producer at WestStar, certainly has a large store of tracks from which to construct a set for any occasion.

“I have over 20,000 music videos, and instead of me using records, I mix the video so you see on screen what you can hear. Both in La Ceiba and Roatan nightclubs there’s a minimum of 30 screens. You can do it all from scratching and all kinds of tricks. What I really like is the selection, the beauty of being able to go into Latin [music] and maintain the English listeners at the same time. Most Latin DJs worldwide either do just Latin or just English which gives me an advantage.

“Videos from Black Eyed Peas and Daddy Yankee are real heavy hitters; once they’re on, you know that the dance floor’s going to get packed and the place is going to get energised. It makes me feel very appreciated knowing that I can give these people a good time on their night out.”


DVJ Carter is touring around the region over Christmas and New Year’s. – Photo: Submitted

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