Editorial for December 24: Wishing you joy this Christmas

Tomorrow’s the big day.

Children will rub the sleep from their eyes and realise it’s Christmas morning. They’ll run to the Christmas tree and marvel at the shiny presents Santa delivered while they were sleeping.

Christian families will join their friends for church services to remember that the reason for this season is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Families will gather for traditional Christmas feasts of turtle, beef, breadfruit, casava, heavy cake and more and expatriates will take to the table their own traditions.

Throughout the Islands you can just feel that something special is in the air – it’s Christmas.

People are being friendly to strangers, holding open shop doors, smiling and wishing everyone Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Shoppers have been searching the retailers for those special presents and, despite the drab economy, many folks have managed to dig a little deeper to support charities and those in need.

We’ve got one day left before Christmas, so it’s not too late to donate a toy to a toy drive or make a donation to a charity that will see to it that families in need will have a bright day tomorrow.

And please don’t forget your neighbours – those people who live around you.

Some of them may be new to our Islands and don’t have anyone special with whom to celebrate the day. Or some of them may be elderly people with no family left to visit them. Share in your good fortune today with an extra plate or two of food or just a friendly visit to chat.

This is a special time of the year. It’s a time for fences to be mended and personal grievances set aside.

Our only wish is that this special feeling of Christmas could carry through to the rest of the year and beyond. No matter how you celebrate Christmas tomorrow, try to capture the feeling of good toward your fellow man, embrace it and carry it with  you into the New Year. The management and staff of Cayman Free Press wishes everyone in our Islands a very Merry Christmas.