Letters to the Editor: Haiti needs help, supplies

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti last 12 January, that took the life of more than 250,000 people and has brought with it a considerable loss materially, estimated over several billions of dollars.

Just a couple of days before Christmas, the Haitian population is confronted with a serious threat to public health, which is the epidemic of cholera, striking in great number the population in 10 areas of the country. According to the official estimates, 90,000 people have already been infected. All the more, according to the prevention of the United Nations, 650,000 people will be infected before long. It is about a layer “O1” of cholera the most dangerous type that is; we are in a state of medical urgency, it is a new misfortune like a Damocles sword that is hanging now over the country. The country areas of Haiti, considered as the outwards, which are excluded from any development plan, will make the capital even more vulnerable. The disaster victims who had fled Port-Au-Prince after the earthquake went back there in order not to burst with hunger in their dusty hamlet, deprived of all basic sanitary services. The concerns, the panic and sadness caused in Haiti by the cholera are justified above all by the deplorable state of our infrastructures and the legendary inefficiency of the authorities; today worsened by the difficult situation of the Haitian politic characterised by serious violence preventing the population from moving easily and to have a normal citizen life.

According to the water research carried out by Erick Osena of the French Academy, ‘the vector element of the cholera is the anarchistic urbanisation without access to drinking water, without a cleansing network’. The conditions have not any chance to improve in an immediate future. Unfortunately, after all, we can consider that the cholera will continue to be a serious threat to the future of Haiti. The water that is regarded as an essential element of the universal inheritance is not taken into account on our Haitian soil. Therefore, we must adopt a national water policy that will equip the people on, the solid waste processing and that of human in order to respond to the international scientific standards thus the human protection and of this resource which is water.

Moreover, many Haitian citizens are ignorant of the cholera pandemic. Unfortunately, when the disease reached a parent a friend or a relative, they think that this person is bewitched by one or more sorcerers from the area, believing that the cholera is a product of sorcery. Miserably, this has caused the death of many citizens. As example, according to a report on the waves of Caraïbe radio dated on Monday 13 December, 2010, by Jean Mona a journalist commentator, 14 sorcerers have been assassinated in the district of Grand’Anse the week of the 13th of December. In effect, a sensitisation project and formation of the population on the evolution of this disease is imperative.

In front of the obviousness of such a table of horror, the cholera and any other pandemic is a collective threat, which must be taken seriously by us all Haitian and foreigners to stop it because the world is a small village. The cholera is a foreseeable disease even when, it is not being declared.

For this reason, Christian Centre for Development “Centre Chrétien de Development”, as a humanitarian organisation for development intends to establish an educational and training scheme about the Cholera titled Prevention campaign Against the Cholera.

This programme consists to establish a public awareness campaign of protection against the cholera through education and the training of the population.

This programme also aims to reveal information on the cholera and to distribute anti-choleric drugs, jointly with the local authorities and the churches.

Contrary to some other children in the world who hope for toys, candies, gadgets, cake, bicycle, DSI, and other video games as Christmas and year end gifts, the Haitian children themselves to survive the cholera pandemic wishes from the world philanthropic through Centre Chrétien de Development the following Christmas and end of the year gifts:

Oral rehydration fluid, antibiotics, doxycline, eythromycin, bactrim syrop, metronidazole, iv tablet and suspension, water sanitising tablets, alcohol, soap potass, disinfectant, bleach, hand sanitisers,

children pampers all sizes, adult pampers all sizes, blue disposable pads, adhesive tape, hand towels and facial masks.

For more information please contact:
Louis Sully, International
Representative, P. O. Box 30252 SMB
Grand Cayman KY1-1202, Cayman Islands. Phone: Cell 345-924-4536; 345-327-6977; United States 
404-462-2797 Fax: 345-945-8025 
Email: [email protected]

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