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Fulfilling a promise made almost two years ago, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise presented cheque for $7,000 to CAYS Foundation CEO Angela Sealey. The CAYS Foundation is responsible for the management of the Frances Bodden Girls Home and the Bonaventure Boys Home.

David Watler, who was the club’s community service director at the time, “Back in January 2009, Rotary Sunrise met with the Frances Bodden Girls Home in Lower Valley to see what assistance our club could provide. The Home requested assistance to install air conditioning in the rooms which currently did not have any air conditioning.”

The air conditioning units were desperately needed because the windows had to be barred shut to prevent the young charges from using them to escape during the night. With neither window ventilation nor air conditioning, the temperature at the Girls Home often became unbearable in the summer heat.

Rotary Sunrise requested quotations to install the air conditioning and was about to have the units purchased when a fire occurred at the Girls Home. Because the building did not meet current building codes, the repairs became a major effort to redesign and rebuild the structure, which was built in the 1980s by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.

It wasn’t until October 2010 that the club was notified by the CAYS Foundation that the home was nearing completion and would soon require the promised air conditioning units. On November 17, Rotary Sunrise presented its cheque to the Cays Foundation to assist with the installation of air conditioning.

The Bonaventure Boys Home and the Frances Bodden Girls Home are sanctuaries for at-risk youth of the Cayman Islands. The CAYS Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, uses those facilities to empower youth experiencing difficulties. The foundation is dedicated to helping those young people achieve their full potential by providing a continuum of care in a caring, nurturing environment, and in partnership with other agencies in the private and public sector.

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