Oracle rival must pay millions in interest

SAP AG must pay Oracle Corp
prejudgment interest on a recent $1.3 billion copyright infringement verdict,
but not at the formula suggested by Oracle, according to a judge’s ruling.

Oracle had sought more than $211
million in interest after winning a high stakes trial in an Oakland federal
courtroom last month.

SAP argued in court filings that it
shouldn’t have to pay any interest. However, Europe’s top software maker asked
U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton to use a different methodology should she
decide interest was necessary.

Hamilton endorsed SAP’s formula,
though she did not specify the amount SAP would pay.

In its own court filing, SAP pegged
the number at roughly $16.5 million.

“While we believe that Oracle
should only be awarded damages, we appreciate that the Court agreed with SAP on
the proper calculation of interest in this case which dramatically lowered the
amount,” a spokesman for SAP said in an emailed statement.

A representative for Oracle declined
to comment.

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