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More than 42 per cent of the 328 respondents to last week’s online poll said the holiday season tradition they liked best was seeing family.

“And getting together with friends,” said one of the 140 people – or 42.7 per cent – who answered the poll questions with “seeing family”.

“Seeing family!” said someone else. “In my family, Christmas means all on your list. But seeing family is the best part, followed by food and time off.”

The music, lights and decorations was the holiday tradition liked best by 57 people – 17.4 per cent.

“As I’ve gotten older, the gifts mean less and less to me,” said one person. “I have to watch what I eat and drink and the time off from work is spent being busy doing other things. But I’ve had Christmas carols stuck in my head for two weeks now and I do enjoy seeing the lights and Christmas tree.”

Fifty people – 15.2 per cent – liked the holiday tradition of time off from work the best.

“The time off from work allows me to see friends and family so we can enjoy good food and drink while listening to Christmas music and looking at lights and decorations,” said one person. “The gift giving/receiving is the least important aspect, at least for me as an adult. In fact, I dread the gift part because it’s hard work and expensive.”

Only 15 people – 4.6 per cent – said that gift giving/receiving was the holiday tradition they liked best.

Twenty people – 6.1 per cent – responded “other” to the question, with four of them commenting “all of the above”.

“Getting together with friends,” said someone else.

Five other people said the holiday tradition they liked best involved religion.

“Celebrating the birth of Jesus at church,” said one person.

“Candlelight church service,” said someone else.

One person’s response noted that the possible answers didn’t apply to everyone.

“Time off from work? You’re obviously not interested in hospitality employees answering.”

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