Cydonie will educate

Cydonie Mothersill’s star continues to rise after she was named to be on the World Anti Doping Athletes Committee. This is the first time a Caymanian athlete has been selected.

Mothersill is thrilled. “I was told by Donald McLean, president of Cayman’s Olympic Committee, that my name was on the short list, but I was still quite shocked when I was selected. I was honoured and it was a good feeling.

“One of the most important roles I will be doing is educating the athletes about is what we can and cannot do. I’m also going to try to help make the testing more athletes friendly.

“The rules on doping will never change. We are responsible for what goes into our bodies, so you have to be really careful.

“Even if a nutritionist or doctor gives you something it may be on the banned list, so you have to be educated on what is and what isn’t allowed. And if you’re not sure what it is there is a website where you can go and assess the items.”

In the three years she is on the WADA committee, Mothersill, 32, wants to see women athletes not be given as invasive tests as is the norm. When she won her Commonwealth Games gold medal in India in the 200 metres in October she was made to drop her pants and had to spin around for the dope testers. “It is really invasive,” she said. “I want to be tested and help catch the drugs cheats but at the same time the present tests are far too personal.”

Established in 2005, the committee gives athletes worldwide a voice and protects their rights, while providing agency officials a forum to work with athletes over doping issues. Mothersill will work with many retired athletes including the great Namibian sprinter Frankie Fredericks. She said: “I want to bring it from a current athlete’s perspective.”

Her message for young Caymanians going into all sports is to always be aware. For example Vicks Vapour Rub is banned and when she went to her first big meet with some was surprised that she couldn’t use it.