Robber punches 77-year-old Rum Point tourist in face

A man armed with a knife robbed three tourists while they were sitting on their back deck in Rum Point on Monday evening, police reported.

The robber punched a 77-year-old man in the face before making off with cash, jewelry and electronics.

According to police, a man approached the three, all from Kentucky, U.S., from the beach. He stole “a substantial amount of CI and US cash, jewelry, one iPad, three cellphones” and a watch, police said, before escaping back along the beach.

The victims, a man and wife, 77 and 76, and another woman, 61, have been on vacation in Cayman since Dec. 12. An ambulance took the man to the Cayman Islands Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to his face and eye and released, police said. The two women were not hurt.

The suspect is described as 6 feet tall, well built and with a dark complexion, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

In response to the incident, Director of Tourism Rosa Harris said in an email Tuesday, “This unfortunate incident is contrary to the usual Caymankind experience of our valued guests, as the Cayman Islands has a reputation for being a safe, family-friendly destination.”

The Department of Tourism, she noted, “will continue to work alongside the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to ensure all visitors to the Cayman Islands have the best possible experience.”

The department has a task force that reaches out to tourists impacted by crime, traffic accidents and other incidents. The department could not confirm whether anyone had met with the victims of the robbery.

In a separate incident, last week a man tried to steal a purse left on the beach by a swimmer at Smith Cove. A woman from a cruise ship spotted the 42-year-old man rifling through her and her husband’s things on the beach. The couple chased the man, who was quickly tackled by an off-duty police officer visiting from New York and a tour bus driver.

The two held the man, Al Handell Pearson, until police officers arrived and arrested him.

Police ask anyone with information about the Rum Point robbery to contact the Bodden Town station at 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.

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  1. I think that Ms Harris could have made a stronger statement about this horrible act on elder people, that is much easier prey by such worthless, useless scumbag that is one that is destroying the Cayman Islands Tourism. Is there any law in the Cayman Islands that protects against elder abuse? Why she would not say that she will make sure that this scumbag is put away for a very long time to discourage this kind of crime.

  2. What a crying shame,

    Trip Advisor is full of stories like this from people who have been robbed in Cayman. The RCIPS standard response of ”No one was Hurt, So all is well” doesn’t suit this situation. Why in the world would he have to punch the guy in the face, that could have killed someone of that age, I mean how much of a threat could he have been to the robber. I wouldn’t be surprised if these folks are already on their way home never to return.

    The sad thing is that a lot of Caymanians attitude will be good riddins to them because they were foreigners and whoever did it was just doing it to get something to eat or feed their starving family because they have been disenfranchised by foreigners in Cayman and not able to find work, I guess this was an out of work Accountant or Store Manager with a Masters Degree that can’t find work because all the jobs are taken by expats so he has no recourse but to beat up old people and steal to put food on the table. This is the result of all the hatred of outsides being spread throughout the Caymanian society, much of which is spread by those in charge.

    On another note if it was a foreigner, them and their whole nationality will be deemed to be the worst threat to Cayman.

    All the responses from CITA or the RCIPS are all bull, this "IS" no longer contrary to the usual Cayman experience. People that live in and visit Cayman are aware that you can’t sit on a secluded beach or take a evening stroll down the street without risking getting robbed, now you can’t even sit on your own back porch. These guys know that there is practically no chance they will get caught in the act because by the time the cops show up they are always long gone, which probably isn’t a coincidence.

    I am actually in the process of gating in my whole property because I know that Cayman isn’t that safe haven it used to be. Gated communities will be Cayman Future, it’s already starting to happen. I personally would like to have an 8 foot fence with Barbed wire, Planning can no longer say it’s not justified, such things are now a requirement for your personal safety in and around your own home..

    I love Cayman and still feel it’s one of the safest places around but the complacency of the CIG when it comes to the rising crime level will ultimately be the reason why paradise was lost.

  3. Ms. Harris, Director of Tourism, is delusional. Cayman had a reputation as safer, but today assaults of all kinds are surfacing in great numbers. They are violent and leave the victims with permanent scars, emotionally and physically. Mr. Davis is also delusional. These perps don’t rob, steal to feed families. They do it to feed their drug habit.

  4. @ Ron Clair Ebanks

    I would have thought by now everybody had realised that DoT is a complete waste of public resources and in the last decade has achieved absolutely zero results despite all the money poured into their so-called initiatives.

    Check out the UK/European and Canadian tourist arrivals. Whilst just about every other destination in this region (particularly Cuba) has seen good increases we are losing out.

    They have fixated on cruise arrivals and high-end stayover market that these islands cannot support. In doing so they have driven away a whole range of very lucrative alternatives including the UK/European all-inclusive market, which is worth billions worldwide.

    To describe DoT as incompetent is being very polite, it has turned into a cosy little self-serving club. Their operations should be first in line for privatisation.

  5. @Lukishi, Delusional? Please read my comment carefully, I was not suggesting that these guys are just trying to feed their families. I pointed to the regular justification if it’s a Caymanian that did the robbery. Personally I know that they are all Crack heads doing these things the problem is that no one believes that they are home grown and probably live right in the area. People always say that the young Caymanians are forced in a life of crime due to foreigners taking away all their opportunities to make something out of themselves. which is why they are starting to prey more and more on foreigners, this incident shows the hatred that starting to brew instigated by suggestions of violence from the top. Politicians are always threatening a revolution or bloodshed of some type if people aren’t given jobs when they should be holding people responsible for their own future.

  6. I certainly agree with the suggestions for punishment of this scumbag.

    But as my Dad used to say, "How do you bake rabbit pie? First catch your rabbit."

    So how do we catch this particular rabbit?

    Someone in the Northside/ East End area is flashing around money he shouldn’t have or trying to sell phones they never bought.

    With the goodwill of the PEOPLE he would be easily caught. But sadly it is likely no one will turn him in to the police.

    He is not the only guilty one. Everyone who protects him is almost as guilty.

    I would suggest a good reward from Crime Stoppers should be immediately offered.

  7. No one is to going to do anything about this because no one cares. As far as flashing money around in northside people will most likely want a piece of the pie instead of wanting the stick up man caught, I am sure he went right home to his wife or mom, who welcomed the money with no questions asked even after see all this in the news.

    No one takes this to heart unless it”s them that gets robbed.

    Northside really needs to start a neighborhood watch. Maybe a collection for a reward leading to the capture and conviction of this low life..

    I”d donate in a minute..

  8. It may be connected with the robberies, also in the North shore, some divers attempting to reach Babylon from the shore have been facing in their cars. Quite distant from Rum Point, granted, and another modus operandi (MO), at least apparently. Apparently because in such MO, in which the criminals break a windshield to get access to the cars and, after stealing all belongings, vandalise the car, points to a commonality with the Rum Point incident.
    Such vandalism relates to a higher level of crime, with further disregard for people’s rights. Something that indeed happened in the Rum Point incident, with that unneeded physical assault that most likely was made as statement of superiority, of something that can be done just because it can be done, and was not necessary for the robbery.
    Time will tell if an exemplar punishment entirely deters incidents of this type, or if similar crimes continue to take place and escalate further in the victimisation scale.

  9. I just hate hearing about things like this & my condolences to the victims of this terrible crime. I’ve been coming to Cayman for years & never once had a problem, until this year. This Christmas we had our snorkel equipment stolen right off of our beach chair on 7 Mile Beach & we were only gone for about 10 minutes. To add insult to injury, the thief left a Santa hat in its place!

  10. This is one that needs to be found as soon as can be. I call on the people of these islands to help these people by letting the police know anything about this person. We have been violated. To our poor guest we are so sorry that you had to go through this, our hearts go out to you all. And when they get this person please sent a message that anyone who troubles our guest will rot in jail.

  11. As a property owner on SMB, I can attest that this press gets way more coverage than anyone would care to admit. While crime happens everywhere, this island paradise has competition from the other islands. These folks from the US will most likely tell everyone they know and those folks will tell everyone they know. It would really do well with the tourist community to see the perp in jail. An unsolved crime of this sort will breed the notion that CI is another third world cesspool – watch the tourists flee to the other islands and watch the tourist dollars dry up. Save the funds from the DoT and put it into the Police Department – it will be money better spent. Betting otherwise is just plain stupid.

  12. I am totally ashamed of the actions of this thug and hope that he is caught and punished; by the way Mr Michael Davis, I an a Caymanian. Thank you Mr Norman Linton for pointing out that not all Caymanians are thugs as one might gather from Mr Davis’ comments. I have noticed that posts by this individual tend to be of a negative nature. It is this type of individual whose comments tend to divide, rather than unite, that have greatly increased the division between Caymanians and expats; whether or not it is intentional I have no way of knowing. It appears that he has come here and is living a comfortable life,but gives the impression that he dislikes Caymanians. Just take a look at his numerous posts on this one article and see if you can find just one that is positive. Mr Davis, we have some thugs among us, as does any other Country, but the law abiding among us far outnumber them, and if you don’t know that by now, then perhaps you do not want to. Please remve those ”xenophobic coloured” glasses and take another look at us, you might just be surprised at what you see.

  13. @ David Williams, if the DoT is totally worthless, then I guess that I should be asking for the minister of Tourism to have this worthless scumbag put away. This is amazing that today we don’t have the very news that the Iphones are found, even though the phones have a GPS tracking the police can’t even find the phones.

  14. I don’t think it is Michael Davis comments that have greatly increased the division between Caymanians and expats; whether or not it is intentional.
    Instead of criticizing people, let’s try to understand them. Try to figure out why they say what they say. Show respect for the other person’s opinions.