Gino’s Pizza shop robbed

George Town detectives have launched an investigation following an armed robbery at a Pizza shop.

At about 10.00 pm Monday, police said two masked men armed with handguns entered Gino’s Pizza, Regency Court, West Bay Road. Investigating officers said men threatened staff and a number of customers before making off with a sum of cash from the register.

The suspects were spotted running off toward the Lone Star bar.

No shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident.

The suspects, who had their faces covered during the heist, were described as being around 6’ in height, wearing baseball caps, dark coloured tops and jeans.

Detective Constable Karen McQuade asks anyone in the area at the relevant time who witnessed the robbery or the suspects fleeing the scene to come forward.

Anyone with information should call George Town police station on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. Unbelievable…. how more BOLD can these bandits be… they have roobed two banks and several businesses in broad daylight yet nothing has been done to deter their continued actions…it will only get worse unless they are stopped or made aware that they will be severely punished

  2. Crime continues unchecked on Grand Cayman. And even more disturbing than the crime is that government seems to be doing nothing to stop it. This is a small island, with approximately 50,000 people and a surface area of 100 square miles. It is the equivalent of a small town in America or England. If a small town in America or England had the problems with crime that Cayman does, the elected officials would be run out of office for failing to address the problem. Here, nothing happens. Government doesnt even talk about the crime problem, hoping it will go away if they ignore it.

    Please, its time for the government to step up and focus on this problem before we hit a point of no return!

  3. The problem with criminals in Cayman is that they are not afraid of police or anyone else for that matter. They know that they can rob anyplace at anytime and the worst thats going to happen is that they are going to get arrested and given a free meal and bed at northward. The islands policy of not arming more police officers is absolutely ridiculous, this is why criminals have no fear. They are not going to get shot when the police show up and most citizens in cayman do not own a gun. In the states, a lot of times if you rob a mini-mart, there is a good chance that the clerk behind the counter has a shotgun and will probably blow your head off. If you break into a home, the homeowner has a right to put a bullet between your eyes. This does not happen in Cayman, nor do i see it happening soon because the Cayman government thinks that they are still in London, and they are still stuck in the 1800s. They need to start evolving with the times and changing the laws in order to empower its citizens with the right to self-protection. It is our human right to be able to protect ourselves.

  4. mattrincayman
    In the States 8 year old children with access to guns kill their mothers because they dont want to tidy their rooms. There is no place for guns here!

  5. Not another robbery! When will the Government wake up? Perhaps they could come home from foreign junkets and deal with real problems here in Cayman.

  6. Noone

    Which Cayman are you referring to ? !

    Haven’t you just read of two recent robberies committed with guns ?

    On top of the recent epidemic of unsolved robberies committed with guns.

    There’s lots of place for guns in Cayman; the place is awash with them…

    And in the hands of criminals using them to terrorise the population.

    There is something drastically wrong with the Cayman Islands and your type of denial is a major part of the problem.

    When you’ve had one stuck in your face or held to your head, you might come to your senses.