Motorcycle driver airlifted to Ja

A young man hospitalised Tuesday afternoon following an accident in Bodden Town has been airlifted to Jamaica for further treatment, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. 

Police said the motorcycle driver veered off the road and struck a wall near Gun Square in the centre of town around 2pm Tuesday.

Officers gave no reason for why the accident occurred. No other vehicles were involved. 

The young man driving the motorbike was expected to survive, according to police. However, his condition was serious enough to warrant the airlift to a Jamaica hospital Wednesday morning. 


  1. Drivers need to be more vigilant… i totally agree. However, I have to state that pedestrians have to be mindful and alert which walking or crossing the roads. I was driving along Elgin avenue sometime during last week around 2pm. With the construction work on-going one has to be cautious. This person on a bicycle came riding out unto the road from Cayman National bank. His head was turned, as he was speaking and laughing with someone without noticing that he was in the middle of the road. I alomost got a heart attack as i hit the brakes and honked the horns.
    I was really annoyed, as here I am trying my best to drive safely while the other person has no regard for his life, let alone mine. If he had gotten hit, I would have been guilty in the publics eye.

    This is a bad state. The only creature which runs across the roads is chickens as they have a small brain. People ease up eating chicken as you are starting to behave like them.

  2. All the police have to do, to get rid of the bad motorbike riders is to stake out govenours harbour around 1am to 3am. By cost U less.

    The motor bike riders use both those strips of highway as thier personal speed testing facility. And they will make numerous passes back and forth. At speeds that are easily over 100 mph.

    EVERY NIGHT! Especially on the weekends, where it starts ealier and ends later into the 4ams.

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