Delicious discount extended for turtle

Those hungry for a bite of turtle can still buy it at discounted prices at the Cayman Turtle Farm.

New discount prices are in effect at least for the month of January on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prices are now set at CI$12 per pound for stewing meat and CI$9 per pound for menavelin. Turtle steak is also discounted to CI$20.25 per pound. Purchasers are required to buy in 
five-pound lots.

“Understanding the traditional value and the sentimental place of turtle meat in Cayman culinary traditions, we are happy that we can continue commercial supplies to the community, while simultaneously maintaining our management programmes for green sea turtles,” said Tim Adam, turtle farm 
managing director.

The sale over the Christmas and New Year’s period enabled families and food vendors to offer modestly priced turtle stew and menavelin on menus during Pirate’s Week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s.

The holiday price reductions discounted early-2010 increases that had pushed turtle stew from previous long-standing levels of $5.40 per pound to $16, and menavelin from $4 to $12.

The price increases had formed part of efforts to reduce consumption and enable replenishment of the farm’s turtle stocks.

In reflecting on the price increases, Mr. Adam said that management of the 8,000-member herd had been assisted by the anticipated drop in demand at higher prices and as a result supplies remained sustainable.

“To maintain supplies at sustainable levels, we need to continue careful management and we think that, by and large, the community both understands and supports our efforts,” he said.

“We will monitor demand at these new prices to determine what further price adjustments may be necessary from time to time.

Our intention is to adjust prices periodically so as to better balance demand against the sustainable amount we can supply. That will give us the best opportunity to continue providing turtle meat to our valued customers in the Cayman Islands,” he said.

Anyone wishing to purchase turtle meat products should call 925-8622 for information.


Cayman Turtle Farm discounts meat prices.
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