Eagles for the mature crowd

Hitting the fairways has never been impacted by age. However golf in the Cayman Islands is hoping to show it has talent beyond the youth ranks.

The North Sound Golf Club hosts a tournament this Saturday for golfers over 30 years-old. Locals will be competing for a spot in the 16th annual Caribbean Classic at the Professional Golfers Association National resort in West Palm Beach, Florida 12-14 May. The event, put on by the Caribbean Golf Association, is one of the top competitions in the region, highlighted by the Dessie Henry women’s competition.

Interestingly Cayman’s top female golfer is too young to compete in this weekend’s event. Samantha Widmer, 23, has travelled to numerous events like the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships and the Island Games over the years, claiming numerous awards. Widmer, who serves as a committee member for the Cayman Islands Golf Association board, states the upcoming competition is about boosting Cayman’s pool of golf players by exposing them to tournaments abroad.

“From competing in golf tournaments since a young age, I have learned a lot about the game of golf,” Widmer said. “International representation and my personal attributes have made me the golfer I am today. Without the international competition, I probably would not have had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge needed to improve my game and establish myself as a top golfer in the region.

“I think it’s important that the Cayman Islands sees golf as a fantastic sport for any age, gender or level. By encouraging parents to come out and compete, we are also attracting junior golfers. Golf is a great sport for parents to bond with their children and share a passion that can last a lifetime. Our junior golf program will be starting sometime soon and we encourage parents to bring their kids out to learn the game of golf.”