Online Poll: Not much confidence 
in economy for 2011

More than 63 per cent of the 598 respondents to last week’s online poll have little or no confidence in Cayman’s economy turning around in 2011.

The largest segment of respondents – 215 people or 36 per cent – said they had no confidence at all about an economic turnaround.

“Unless we get some new leadership with relevant knowledge and grip on reality, Cayman’s economy will suffer for many years to come,” said one person.

Another 164 people – 27.4 per cent – said they didn’t have much confidence in an economic recovery this year.

“Crime has to get handled so people will come again,” said one person.

“Unfortunately, across the globe we are learning everyday how long and tough the road is to emerge from any form of economic ‘withdrawals,” said one person. “As sovereign nation after sovereign nation build austerity measures to combat their debt, they plunge further and further into the dank, dark depths of being bankrupt. Our government was not much different from any other nation; over-spending, under-saving, and the whole time not saying a word about it to the public…”

Another 133 people – 22.2 per cent – said they had a little confidence the economy would turn around in 2011.

“I think it’s going to be a long year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said one respondent.

“If they reduce the rollover period like they have promised to, or better still get rid of it altogether, then there is a good chance the country will start to turn around,” said someone else.

“I think it will be late in the year, but we should start seeing a nice turnaround,” said another person.

Seventy-six people – 12.7 per cent – said they had quite a bit confidence in an economic turnaround.

“They need to start the pier project now,” said one person

Ten people – 1.7 per cent – responded “I don’t know” to the question.

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