Record swingers

Co-ed softball has long been
popular in Cayman. Based on the amount of teams taking part now, its popularity
has reached new heights.

The Adult Co-Ed Softball League,
organized by the Cayman Islands Little League, has 25 squads registered for the
2011 Winter edition. The league, which sees its first trio of games on Monday
17 January, is split up into three segments in the A, B and C leagues which
correspond to intense, competitive and social levels of competition.

Little League co-ed softball
coordinator Alan Markoff states the amount of squads taking part is

“The amount of teams we’ve seen
ties the mark set in the winter of 2008,” Markoff said. “Eight teams are in the
A, nine in the B and eight (a record amount) in the C league. That’s never
happened before. There are six new teams, which is great. There are three
pretty good leagues this year and everyone is excited.”

Most sides are returning faces. The
Post Net Hurricanes are the lone newcomer in the A league, taking part in the
A1 division alongside team Kirk Freeport, Home Gas and Island Hot Stuff. The A2
group has the Coors Light Chuggers, KPMG A, A.L. Thompson Hammers and KM Ltd.
The B league sees the A.L. Thompson Drills, Master Batters, Maples Sluggers and
PricewaterhouseCoopers B in the B1 category. Doghouse Glovernauts, team
Deloitte, KPMG Bounty Hunters, Ogier Bats from Hell and the BritCay Premiums
constitute the B2 division.

The most change comes in the C
league in the form of five new teams. The C1 division features HSBC,
PricewaterhouseCoopers Scorpions, Electratech Pure Energy and newcomer Billy
Bones Jager Bombers. The C2 group has four rookie clubs in The Security Centre,
Greenlight RE, The Royals and the Harbour House Marina Whalers.