Hospice Care villa opens at the Pines

Members of Cayman Hospice Care gathered with well-wishers from the community and contributors recently to put a new villa, located near the Pines, into official use for the treatment of terminally ill people.

The villa was made possible due to cash from the AAL Foundation and was the brainchild of one of its members; Mrs. Tove Brown, who figured that the facility could compliment the work being done by Hospice Care.

Operations and Fundraising Manager for Cayman Hospice Care Jennifer McCarthy said, “This project marks a new chapter for Cayman Hospice Care as it will allow us to enhance the services we provide those we care for. Care for terminally ill patients falls under nursing specialists and though we often try to care for folks in their home, sometimes that is not possible. So rather than hospital, we bring them here. It’s a part of trying to create and environment that offers as much comfort as possible.”

Medical Director for Cayman Hospice Virginia Hobday said, “The new villa gives an extra arm to our service. It is like a halfway house between home and hospital but it is not for everyone and will be more for those who do not have support or who have symptoms that need special attention. After 10 years of home care, it was a natural progression of our role.”

She added that with Hospice Care, the objective is to treat the person and not the disease and concentrate on quality of life rather than duration. This is the first and only facility of its type in Grand Cayman.

Several brief remarks were made with regard to the importance of the Cayman Hospice Care and the role the new villa would play in the lives of the Caymanian people by Hospice Board Member Roy Tatum, who thanked Arch and Godfrey for completing the work on the new villa on time and on budget at an already discounted rate.

Wilma Falconer, who has been in the business of care for over 30 years, joined Cayman Hospice Care several months ago as the director of nursing and operations. She pointed out that symptom management, as well as physical, psychological and spiritual comfort for those moving on were the cornerstones of the care that will be possible at the villa.

Cayman Hospice Care operates on donations and kindness from the public. For more information call 945-7447.