National Heroes given their due


    Five new Cayman Islands National Heroes will be named Monday during National Heroes Day celebrations in George Town.

    The five, all of whom are deceased, are Mr. T. William Farrington, Mr. Desmond Watler, Mr. Ormond Panton, Mrs. Joyce Hylton and Ms Evelyn Wood. The day’s events will detail their years of meritorious service.

    The five are being lauded for significant contributions to nation-building and community service in a number of areas including aviation, nursing, politics and culture.

    They join the two previously named Cayman Islands National Heroes, the late James “Jim” Manoah Bodden, whose statue now graces Heroes Square, and Mrs. Sybil Ione McLaughlin.

    In a new award category, 24 people will receive the Order of the Cayman Islands. This Order has three categories: Medal of Honour, which may be awarded at the Commander, Officer, or Member levels; Medal of Merit category, which is sub-divided into gold and silver; and the Long Service Award, which comprises the third category.

    Recipients of the Order of the Cayman Islands, in the respective categories are:

    Medal of Honour (Commander): Mr. Allan Steve McField; Mr. Carley Elton Ebanks; Mr. Thomas Evert Ebanks; Mr. Harris Draper Ebanks; Mr. William Harvey Ebanks; Mr. Ashton Smith Tatum; Mr. Charles Winton, Sr., Mr. Layman Emmiel Scott Sr. and Dr. Stephen Anthony Tomlinson.

    (Officer): Mrs. Monica E. Bryan; Mr. Ivan Laurie Farrington; Mr. Byron Derrick Ebanks.

    (Member): Mrs. Twyla Mae Vargas; Mrs. Elva Evans; Mrs. Alma J. McKenzie.

    Medal of Merit (Gold): Mr. Elbert McLean; Mr. Ernie Edison “Gillie” Seymour; Mr. Roy “Huta” Ebanks; Mrs. Merta Day and Mr. Andy Cecil Myles.

    (Silver): Mrs. Jean Astria Solomon; Mr. Frank Albert Ebanks.

    Long Service Award: Mrs. Darlene N. Owens-Elliott; Mrs. Emily Wilson.

    A third grouping of Monday’s honourees comprises five of the eight persons who were named in this New Year’s Honours listing, in the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour category.

    Choosing to receive their awards at the Heroes Day ceremony are Mr. Hartmann Morgan DaCosta; Ms Audrey Ebanks; Mr. Rodney Alan Hansen; Lt.(sg) Dave C. Thompson and Ms Zemrie Estella Thompson.

    The 2011 Heroes Day theme revolves around the development of aviation in the Cayman Islands and the contributions of 50 pioneers in this field will be highlighted.

    The public is invited to attend Monday’s Heroes Day event and should be seated by 9.30am. Post-ceremony festivities will include live entertainment, local foods and an opportunity to reminisce on the significance of earlier stalwarts who so selflessly served this country.


    A past Heroes Day celebration at Heroes Square.
    Photo: Submitted


    1. These are all surely worthy people, no doubt about that. But I fear we are being carried away by the Socialist mantra which has swept many countries including several in the West Indies, and democracies in Europe, and for different reasons, many dictatorships: all are worthy, any attempt at recognising levels of achievement is politically incorrect, so most if not all deserve recognition and the Party in power will handle giving awards responsibly, and so on.
      It unhappily downgrades the recognition (at all levels) of the truly worthy; it permits recognition to be awarded for unworthy reasons to totally unworthy people – even crooks -by unworthy politicians (Antigua, for example) so it ends up by not encouraging effort to succeed because in the end, all get a prize of some sort.
      I repeat – those who are worth it, who have given to the community – should be recognised. Its a question of not debasing the currency.