White Sox camps more affordable than ever before

The Cayman Islands is once again being blessed with the presence of Chicago White Sox baseball representatives. This time around the cost to learn from the pros will be more manageable than before.

According to Cayman Islands Little League

fundraising coordinator Sara Mackay a new payment programme will feature substantial discounts for participants.

“The White Sox’s last clinic here, during half term break in October, was called by many the best ever,” Mackay said. “It was longer than the previous 2-3 day camps and cheaper at $125 per player. Little League has always subsidised the clinics and player fees in the past. The cost to players covered some but not all of the expenses. We’ve built some room in the budget and Little League will be enlarging the Discount Card program some to help cover the costs.”

The last camp in October was CI$125 per child. A similar fee is slated to be in effect this time around. That session featured five youth baseball coaches affiliated with the White Sox, a Major League Baseball team. They were Mike Huff (a former pro player from 1989 to 1996), Dan Schaffer (a top academy trainer), Pete Caliendo (a US youth coach who has been to some 30 countries), Marty Kobernus (the lead pitching instructor) and Justin Stone (general manager for baseball operations at the academy and a touted hitting instructor). All taught about 70 odd kids between the ages of seven and 18.

On Thursday 20 January the next edition of the White Sox camp begins at the Field of Dreams. The George Town facility will be the site of activities until next Monday 24 January. A number of coaches will be coming and as usual they are members of the BullSox Training Academy in Chicago. The organization is a youth sports development outfit that focuses on nurturing basketball and baseball talents through over 450 camps each year. It is owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, the same man that owns the White Sox and National Basketball Association team the Chicago Bulls.

News of this week’s camp means the partnership between the local little league and the Chicago group is into its sixth year. Last year the little league hosted the visitors in January and October. Mackay states the camp is a great event for Cayman’s youth.

“Michael Huff and company want to help us improve. It’s a tremendous opportunity and we want as many kids as possible to come out.”