Kirk Office donates 
new laptop to JA

Kirk Office Equipment recently donated a laptop to the Junior Achievement office in George Town.

“After several computer hardware issues, it was time to pack in the old laptop”, said Programme Director Tara McField.

Junior Achievement contacted Geoff Cuff, managing director of Kirk Office Equipment, to see if he could lend his support.

“Junior Achievement offers excellent programmes for teaching students the ‘real world’ of business, and I am delighted to be able to assist,” Mr. Cuff said. “I was involved with JA in the earlier years. Students, volunteers and board members all need congratulating for participating in such a worthwhile programme.”

“With the generous donation … I was able to fulfil my commitment in securing 21 volunteers from the community to lead the much-needed Business Ethics and Economics for Success programmes to the two schools,” said Ms McField. “With support like this from the community together, we will make a difference for the future business leaders of tomorrow.”

For more information on Junior Achievement programmes, including how to volunteer, contact Ms McField at 949-4306 or email [email protected]