Tower lot closing, park planned

The government closed the parking
lot at the former Tower Building site Wednesday evening until further notice,
according to an email sent out by the Lands and Survey Department.

The lot, which until recently had
housed the George Town bus depot, was being shut down so work crews could be constructing
a new park, according to officials.

“This is to facilitate the
development of a new park within the site and…for health and safety reasons, it
is necessary to fully secure the site for construction activity to begin,” read
the email sent by Jon Hall, Lands and Surveys chief valuation officer. “We
apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The former Tower site has been
largely vacant since the building there was demolished in the wake of
sustaining major damage from 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

The previous government had once
proposed a green site there but plans for the area had become unclear in recent

Lands and Survey Department
officials said they were just notified of the closure on Wednesday. Workers
were already on-site putting up boards to wall off the project area.


Please check back to for more details on the
park project…..


  1. How about instead of wasting MORE money on a park that is only going to wind being populated by the local drunks and crack heads..and of no use to anyone else..Gov put up a multi-story car park..charge a parking fee and actually make some money?? This is the perfect location for it…centrally located and adjacent to nearly everything. This would alleviate a huge problem in George Town with overcrowded parking..