Beth’s slow build up to Boston

Cayman’s finest road racers are right back in swing after the Christmas break and looking forward to another competitive year. Top female runner is Beth Schreader who had a completely relaxing festive season after running two marathons at the end of another exhausting year.

She was fastest woman in the Cayman Marathon again last month and could put her feet up for a well deserved break.

“The Cayman Marathon was my second marathon in four weeks so once it was finished I figured I’d earned a break so I took the rest of December really easy,” she said.

“I’ve been going to yoga at Bliss Living Yoga approximately three times a week for the last year or so and I was able to get to a few more classes since I cut down a lot on running.

“I was in North Carolina for a week at Christmas and I got out for a few runs but there wasn’t a certain schedule I was trying to keep. My boyfriend’s nieces are seven and four and they kept us quite busy, especially when the southeast got a big snowfall on Boxing Day.

“That much snow is pretty rare in Raleigh so we spent a lot of time playing outside the next few days. Not so good for running but excellent for making snowmen.

“I definitely indulged over the holidays but that’s what they’re for. A couple cookies here, a few chocolates there, lots of delicious home cooked food. Plus, two of my girlfriends arrived from Toronto for a week less than 24 hours after I got back from North Carolina.

“So it was two weeks of indulging more than normal but it was definitely worth it. I’m sure I put on a holiday pound or two but I don’t worry about that sort of thing. It comes off without trying once I get back into my regular routine.”

Schreader, who has run a marathon under three hours, is going to ease herself back into racing this year. “I don’t have a goal race for the spring. I’m running the Boston Marathon on 18 April, however, I’m not training for a personal record.

“I have a few friends in America who are trying to run under 3 hours 30 minutes so I’ll be running with them to help pace them to their goal. After going through cycle after cycle of marathon training I’m in need of a mental and physical break so this is the perfect time to ease up on training since I’m quite busy at work between now and the beginning of March.”
Her next race is in a team in the Cross Islands Relay in the first week of February. “My team is set for the Cross Island Relay and it should be a great race again between a few teams. Six of the Brits, including Russ Coleman and Mark Hogan, have broken away and formed their own team. UBS has their speedy roster lined up again. My team is a mix of others but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I can’t give away any more than that.”