Guilty pleas for attack on woman

Five years for wounding, indecent assault

Chad Jonathan Anglin, 31, was sentenced on Monday to five years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to charges of indecent assault and wounding in an incident that occurred on the night of 16 June, 2010, in the Garvin Road area of West Bay.

The indecent assault was forcing the woman to perform oral sex. The wounding related to a 12-cm (4.7 inches) laceration to the woman’s neck. A doctor’s statement indicated that the wound was closed with sutures and no permanent physical disability was expected to result. Crown Counsel Jenesha Simpson handed up photographs of the injury.

Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale said she was of the view that five years was the appropriate sentence, considering the totality of the offence, Anglin’s previous history and the terror the victim had experienced.

Defence Attorney Nicola Moore had urged her to consider that the guilty pleas were evidence of remorse and had spared the victim the trauma and humiliation of having to give evidence in a trial.

She also told the court that Anglin had the knife to cut up ganja, which he had used that evening.

According to a summary of facts submitted, the woman had gone out for the evening and was dropping friends home when her car was stopped by another car in which Anglin was a passenger. They knew each other and he asked her to take him to an area near the end of Garvin Road because he was meeting someone there.

However, when they arrived at the area, his manner changed. He cut her throat with a knife and threatened several times to kill her if she made any noise and if she did not perform oral sex on him. She thought he would kill her or at least do her harm.

The woman said her neck bled profusely and she took off her shirt to wrap around it.

Anglin held the knife throughout the assault, which was interrupted when a police patrol car came near. The woman was able to run to the officers’ car, while Anglin ran from her vehicle and escaped through bushes.

On 18 June police issued a photo of Anglin, asking the public for information as to his whereabouts. By 2 July police and Crime Stoppers had announced a reward. Anglin was taken into custody on 8 July, appearing in court a week later.

The charge of wounding has a maximum sentence of seven years, while indecent assault has a maximum of 10 years. Both can be tried in Summary Court or Grand Court. Anglin chose Summary Court.

There, the maximum sentence a magistrate can impose is four years (except for drug cases). In Anglin’s case, the magistrate cited a 2002 UK decision that allows consecutive sentences for offences arising from the same set of circumstances when the seriousness of one offence is distinct from the seriousness of the other.

“I like that decision. It accords with common sense,” she said.

With four years as her maximum, she discounted one year for the guilty plea to wounding and gave Anglin three years, then added two years for the indecent assault. Six-month sentences for possession and consumption of ganja were made to run concurrently.