Making scents 
of chic Cayman

Tedrick Green could be described as the Caymanian Barry White of perfumes and colognes — he makes women feel sexy and men feel confident.

You might say he’s the scent swami, the musk monarch, the essence emperor, the odour Odysseus, the pheromone pharoah, the spice caesar, the baron of balm…

Green is the director of the Journies fragrance company, a Cayman Islands start-up that debuted two new scents for Christmas.

Making Scents

There are two choices: Banana Orchid and Fifteen O Three.

The banana orchid is the Cayman national flower and 1503 marks the year Cayman was discovered.

Of the first, he says, “It’s a very cool, very chic scent. It’s fun, it’s very feminine. It makes a woman feel very sexy. That’s what it’s supposed to do and that’s what it’s doing.

“People put it on, they don’t want to take it off, they want to wear it everywhere. It’s appropriate for all different types of settings, day or night, and men love it.”

He also enjoys the other scent he created.

“The Fifteen O Three, to me, is more of an evening fragrance,” he says. “It has a more elegant feel to it. It’s not as playful, more sexy and elegant. So it’s perfect for dinners or a night out a bar with some friends.”

In stores

Kirk Freeport sells the products.

“They’re very commercial fragrances,” says Ruth McGee, cosmetic and fragrance buyer for Kirk Freeport. “They are both fragrances that the majority of the people like.”